Mystery Behind The Questions???

May 31, 2009
By TeAmoG33k BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
TeAmoG33k BRONZE, St.Louis, Missouri
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They tell us that its all a mystery. But, is it really? We ask the same questions everyday, yet we still don't know the answers. As, some may say, some say they know the answer when others don't even know the question. But, what do we do about it? Nothing. That's what we do, nothing at all but sit and watch. Its like were trapped inside our own 3-demensional sphere. No corners to hide in, no faces to be apart of, everything looks the same and flows in the same revolving motion. I sit and think, when will it all end. Lives are lost with a snap of a finger. Diseases, illnesses, and pain are spread everyday. Populations grow larger, towns grow smaller, but we do nothing to help. But, we still say its a mystery. But, its not we just haven't found the answer yet. Nothing is really a mystery, not even the crimes caused. because, someone always knows the answer. even if they don't want ot tell it. Mayhbe, we need a different reproach maybe start from the bottom, but when we get to the top everyone seems to fail. So, now I ask all others out there. is this really our only way. Is this really our answer? Is this the question meant to be asked? If yes, why do you think that? If, no why don't you change it? All these questions, nut where are our answers?

The author's comments:
Thsi piece is from the heart. It is to get everyone out there thinking. I want to now what others think of this world we live in. Is it home or a trap? Is it freedom or slavery? Is it a war or a peace rivalry? Will we ever know the answers? This piece just came to my mind after a little thinking.

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