Party of a Lifetime

June 5, 2009
By Grace Morgan BRONZE, Valencia, Pennsylvania
Grace Morgan BRONZE, Valencia, Pennsylvania
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When I enter the doors to the school,excitement and anxiety filled the air. People dancing to the beat of the lastest song, and socializing with their friends and peers who are celebrating with them. A party of a lifetime. As we party wonderful food aromas fill the room, our noses tickle and our stomachs roar like lions.....

As the night was coming to an end we all were sad, but we all knew the future, our future would come , but we hoped hoped not this fast. Our years at mars middle school have been a blast and making so many memories its going to be hard to forget.....

Every time someone says we are going to the highschool, it is a reality check. We feel as if all we've known is about to dissapear. A chapter of our lives that was filled with laughs, giggles, inside jokes, heartbrake, and tears is now coming to an end. As the last song plays. Slow of course we think of what lies ahead.....

We all are anxious, but we will pull through together. Our paths are now darkened, just waiting for someone somebody to light our way.

Though we'll be alright we'll push through, still have fun, and live the fullest for the rest of our lives. We don't know what the future will bring. Getting married. Having children. Getting old. We hope the righteous path leads us to these things in later life.

Then the dance is finally over. People are crying their goodbyes, and their lungs are heaving. The last remnents of music is now drowned out, with memories and thoughts people shared. People will always remember the great times..... Because it was the party of a lifetime.

The author's comments:
This is a poem written by me and a few of my friends at Mars Middle School. We graduated from 8th grade this year, and our assignment from our language arts teacher Ms. Monheimius. We were to reflect on the most exciting event that occured this year, and that was our 8th grade dance. We hope you enjoy it.

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