The Progression of Automobiles

May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

As time progresses one item that has that has became an essential part of daily is the automobile. The automobile performs tasks that vary from moving goods across the country to moving a student back and forth to school every day. Though cars have had the same basic four wheels with a motor layout for decades, the cars of today are vastly different than the cars of the 60’s.
In the 60’s the interior of most automobiles consisted of the basic four seats in your choice of tweed or vinyl, and a radio that could be tuned to your favorite station via a chrome painted knob. Safety features were minimal consisting of seatbelts that were usually taken out by the owner shortly after purchase. Since gas was cheap car makers didn’t worry about making the cars they produced fuel efficient. The most popular cars were the muscle cars that housed big block engines that got about the same gas mileage as a Hummer would today. The exterior usually consisted of one primary color and chrome bumpers, and some form of decorative louver.

Today’s cars however are homes to more technology than some people’s house. The interiors can be draped in fine leathers and have wood accents from a tree in the most remote rain forest. Audio systems can consist of flip down, flip out, and in dash TV screens, and speakers so loud that they can literally blow the occupants hair back. Though there is still a plethora of fast cars on the road, some automobiles have evolved into eco friendly gas saving machines. Some autos are even to the point where they are able to run entirely on electricity. This green theory of building cars has also poured outside of the car with auto makers using recyclable plastics for bumpers, light covers and rear view mirrors. With tomorrows technology always better than yesterdays there is no doubt that the future of automobile technology is one that is subject to change and progress, but the one thing that will never change is the love for cars that many people like myself poses no matter what make, model or, year.

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