Dear Mrs. Obama

May 14, 2009
By amymd911 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
amymd911 BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Dear Mrs. Obama,

My name is Amy and I live in Louisiana. My father owns a small independent oil company, and I am writing to you on his behalf. Although he does not know I am writing to you, I feel it is very important that some issues are brought to your attention. I am sure you are aware that your husband is trying to increase taxes on domestic oil and gas exploration and production. He believes that with this high tax on gas, it will encourage people to “go green” and purchase electric cars, use solar and wind power, and essentially create a “green economy.” This plan is beneficial to our environment, but not realistic. With these taxes on oil and gas adding up to billions of dollars, many small oil companies, like my dad’s, will go out of business, and the larger companies will not be nearly as active. These small businesses drill ninety percent of the nation’s oil, and without these companies, oil prices will sky rocket and leave millions of people unemployed. These jobs that would be lost are good, high tax paying jobs—my father’s company alone has paid about 25 million dollars to Louisiana in taxes. Furthermore, without an abundance of American oil, we will have to depend on imported oil, making the country weaker and more dependent towards others. What people do not realize is that every time a light is turned on, a plane is flown, a house is cooled off, the burning of fossil fuels takes place. The truth is that Americans cannot survive without oil at this point in time. Wind and solar power are beneficial to the environment, but they cannot power a country. So, I beg of you, please consider at least lowering the taxes your husband intends to impose on oil and gas. Not only will this tax put my dad at the risk of losing his job, but it will also put America at a risk. For 25 years of his life, my dad has worked to try to help the country and the economy by drilling for oil. Although he has not admitted it, I know he feels somewhat helpless—a feeling he is not used to. I am afraid for the well being of him and for the well being of our country.



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