What Do I do?!. (HELP!!!!!)

May 28, 2009
By JazmenNichole BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
JazmenNichole BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Hey....Um...What's Up?! Why are You Calling Me?. Im in Class..."Um..I Need To say Goodbye" Say Goodbye....Why?. "Jazmen just come downstairs" Ok....wait a Sec. I Went Downstairs thinking insane, Ridiculous Thoughts...."what was he going to say to Me?. What could it be about.....I thought we agreed to stay together!" "Hey Baby....What's Wrong you, look sad!" "Jazmen, Im So Sorry!" "Sorry about What?" "Were OVER!!!" "WHAT?!." I felt like My Whole world had come crashing Down. This is Impossiable.."Why is it Something I Did?" "No, it's just... Im Leaving for College....

Yeah...In Two Fricken Months, we agreed we would try and make it work" "Right?" "yeah...but i just don't want to!" WHAT....why didn't you just tell me this Last Night?. "Because I Don't Break Up over the phone!." WOW....but you Lie Huh?. Whatever Hugo have a Great Life!. I Walked Away Trying to Hold Back Tears From Running Down My Face!. By The Time i Got Back To Class My Mascara was in perfectly straight Lines running down My cheeks and then My Chin. I Could Not Believe this!. And on top of this whole situation happened the day Before Prom!. What was i going to do with My Dress?!. None the Less what was i going to do with th e ticket?. I had a sick feeling running through My Stomach...That Night i got a Text.."Hey Jaz...it's Hugo. I was wondering if i Could get that prom ticket from you?." Reply: Why?. "Because im going to take somebody else" Reply: Are You Serious?!. "Yeah...why what's the matter?. Reply: Nothing but no...you can't..GOODBYE!!! I took that blue ticket and ripped it until the pieces were so small you couldn't find them on the floor. Saturday Night came and i sat home popped popcorn and watched the Notebook. Two weeks went by...Hugo shows up at My House Randomly asking for Me Back....& that's where i NEED Help...What Should I Do?. Please Comment this Blog With Any Advice.

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on Jun. 13 2009 at 3:27 pm
pinksage33 BRONZE, Woodstock, New York
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So sad but So good!!!

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