Left Behind

May 26, 2009
By Anonymous

The snowstorm from the night before had blanketed the slopes, creating perfect conditions. There was just enough snow on the trails to keep you going and enough on the sides to cushion a fall. Everything was frozen, and the solid ground crunched when stabbed by ski poles, leaving a perfect hole in the snow. Everyone around her was flying down the hill. Kids with wind burned cheeks careened down the slopes with their cautious parents. The bunny slope at the bottom was covered in marshmallows on skis; the fact that those poor kids could even move their legs was an amazing feat she couldn’t understand. Even though it was frigid and icy outside, laughter penetrated the air. The only miserable person was right beside her. She had tried to help her up from the snow, but she just didn’t want to try. She could hear the angry murmur of complaints streaming from her mouth as she watched everyone else enjoying themselves. Why had she thought to bring her, all her previous attempts to do things with her had failed. She was obviously not the kind of person that put any effort into things other people enjoyed. If she wanted to sit on the side of the hill and complain and blame her she could, but she wasn’t going to stand by her anymore. This was not the kind of person she wanted to be around. There was nothing she could do that would make her happy. There were so many things she had wanted to try that were now missed opportunities, all because of this girl. She felt a sudden urge to leave her behind to fend for herself and jump ahead of the upcoming surge of people. She heard one last whining comment from her, got into position, and then lunged forward down the hill.

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