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May 21, 2009
The school year of 2008-2009 was, is and will be a great year. We had are will have many laughs. We learned important things like Greek history and their culture. Also we gained much knowledge from the election. But what was probably the most important thing I learned is one, to please stay on Ms. Gois’s good side and two Ms. Gois’s allergy to math really starts to act up during New Jersey assessment of skills and knowledge week.
As you can recall I said that we learned about Greek about history and culture. We learned that Greek had two city-states Athens Also called the Athenian and Sparta also called the Spartans (our schools mascot). Athens stressed out all types of education including art, math and literacy. But women did not have the right to learn like boys. Sparta was a military city-state that only stressed out physical education. Women had more freedom since men were in the army up until the age of sixty.
Also we learned a great lot of knowledge about the election. As you know Barack Obama won the election but did you know that he won the mock election here at Ann Street School. He won in a land slide 85% to 15%. Also we learned that democracy was first made in the Greek period by Celestine. Those are two important things I learned over the summer.
For summer vacation I will be going to Florida to visit some family members and Cape Verde to visit my dad. While in Florida I plan to go to Disney world. And do allot of sightseeing on the way there since we want to go by car (we being my mom, brother sister in law, my nephew and I). In Cape Verde I will be on a boat most of the time or my brother’s uncle rental shop renting a boat. That is what I plan to do over vacation.

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