Blue eyes

May 21, 2009
By Chris Buelow SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Chris Buelow SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Blue eyes, my whole family has blue eyes. Like snowflakes, they all have a different pattern, design, and personality. At first glance, we appear the same. If you grab a magnifying glass, you will see that we are very different. Like snowflakes, we have different personalities.
My brother’s eyes show anger. He has an explosive temper. He will let you know that he is angry with a loud howl, even though you do not want to hear it.
My sister’s eyes read books, school books and more books. Obsessed with grades, her eyes beg for fun. Her lack of fun leaves her crazy. I try to relax, but when I’m least expecting it, I receive a stupid glare from across the room.
My other sister, sister two, has eyes of torment. She encourages anger from my brother and torments when she can. Torment is full circle, she will receive it one way or another. She is the youngest and will learn soon enough. Maybe her eyes will change.
My mother has eyes of a caring lioness. She works with children all day and cares for them the best she can. It’s amazing she never get’s tired out.
My father has eyes of an idealist. He enjoys building and creating his own ideas. His motivation will build skyscrapers. He wants the best for us, and proves it with tough love. So you see, we may all have blue eyes, but the design on them is independent.

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