April 27, 2009
By Anonymous

I was two years old and extremely stubborn, Grandma told me not to climb on the toy box another time. She didn’t understand that this was the only thing I could climb on to get her attention. She didn’t even notice I was trying to get her attention. All I wanted to do was join the game of Frisbee. Shawn and Grandma had been playing for a while now; they still didn’t seem to care about my existence. In order to make myself visible I had to climb on the wobbly toy box. I saw the lid wasn’t on right but I continued my making my way on top of it anyways. Before I knew it the lid slipped and well I went with it. I fell face first on the tile. The sound my body made collapsing on the ground sounded like a thousand needles hitting the floor. All the pain in my body rushed to my gums. I cried so loud that everyone in my development could probably hear. My mom rushed me to the hospital that was the fastest I have ever seen has ever driven. My mother basically ran every red light! When I arrived they performed surgery. I had four stitches on my gums, it was painful! My main concern at this time was no longer having my pacifier. I returned home to an appetizing meal of baby carrots because I couldn’t eat real food for months, YUM! I sure learned my lesson to listen to Grandma next time she tells me not to do something.

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