Sledding Done Right

December 7, 2008
By Anonymous

How many times have you gone sledding and realized that it’s the same thing over and over? I mean really, you go down just to have to come back up! Well if you are like me and hate doing things over and over, try four wheeler sledding. It is amazing trying to figure out where you’re going. The best part is you don’t have to walk up a huge hill to get back up. When four wheel sledding, you never know where you’re going and you could end up falling off. You do this when sledding down a hill, so really there is nothing different. Depending on the driver, you can have a lot of fun. When my dad is the driver, he does doughnuts around the field. It is very exciting spinning around in circles. Four wheeler sledding can also be done in the summer, fall, or spring. It is really fun doing it through the snow. (Be sure to wear old/dirty clothes because doing it this way can get very dirty.) Four wheeler sledding setup is very simple. First, you of course have to have a sled and a four wheeler or know someone who does. You’re also going to need a snowy day and a pretty big field. You need rope so that you can connect the sled to the four wheeler. After you have collected these things, tie one end of the rope to the sled. Make sure it is tight so that it doesn’t come off. Then do the same thing with the other end except tie it to the four wheeler. Don’t forget to make sure it is tight. When you are done with these two steps you are ready to start. See, it was easy. For best results when sledding, please don’t kill yourself by climbing up a hill. For Pete’s sake, please go four wheeler sledding and save a live today. (That life is yours if you were wondering!)

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