Being Successful

December 5, 2008
By Anonymous

A new family joined our church, but I didn’t know we were cousins. I was so amazed! I attend church every Sunday and have never missed a day. The first week of the month, we would give our testimony about our beliefs in the church. One Sunday, my cousin gave a really strong testimony that touches me. He said, “When my family came to the United States, I was ten years old. I always knew that there is a god. When my dad past away, that kept me away from learning and studying. Even though it was hard, I actually went through and was successful.”

My cousin once told me that in America, education is everything, that’s why I study and work towards my dream. My cousin inspired me to keep being more successful.
Coming home from school, my parents would always encourage me to study hard and would always ask me if I’m done with my homework. They care about my education and want me to help them when they are reaching the retirement stage. They are willing to pay for my career, a fashion designer. I am fundraising for my New York trip with the help of my cousin and parents; I know that I will be successful. If anything ever happens, I know what to think about, “In America, education is everything.” Hopefully things turned out what I’ve expected.

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