December 5, 2008
By Anonymous

The club was so loud the windows were blaring you could see it from outside. My friends and I would go there every Friday. Our clique or gang however you want to say it, anyway we were called B.N.A “ Brothers Never Alone”. The truth was we were never alone at least one clique member was with another clique member we were close. Brandon and me were the last ones to join. The whole clique was Quintal, Ire, Brandon, me, and the baby of the gang Bryan.

Which was Brandon’s little brother there were a lot more of us but most of us lived down town. Ire and Quintals older brothers are the ones who started the clique. We all grew up together even though I was the one to live there the shortest because I moved from New York to “Indiana Bloomington”. Anyway we were having fun in the club when Quintal was flirting with this one girl her name was Monique.

She had long dark hair with black freckles all on her body everywhere and boy was she a looker. “ So where you live shawty ” Quintal said as she was smiling and flirting back. “At my place” it appeared to be Robert from the clique bone thugs. He was tall and thick he was a big guy and not too smart. Why you talking to my girl lil homie Robert said. “ Hey why didn’t you tell me you knew Shrek” Quintal said with a cocky smile. Robert with A annoyed agitated voice said you better home you walk safe tonight you lil bit**es.

Ok we got to bounce fella’s Brandon said with worry in his voice. As we left on our back to Quintals Brandon and Bryan while be and Ire was staying at Quintals house. On our way there we seen a car it was creeping driving slow with their head lights off. Next thing you know he engine rev’s up and they were on their way speeding towards us “drive-by” Quintal yelled then we ran as fast as we could as we heard gun shots. We all made it home as we ate pizza for as it was our reward for us still being alive and the bone thugs in juivie.

What I learned from this experience is never hang with thee wrong crowd because you could get in trouble or dead but if you live there and raised like it you have to deal with it but you never know when a uncle and aunt will save you from the ghetto.

The author's comments:
Im a young man raised in the ghetto of Indiana Bloomington and my aunt saved me now i lived in batesville

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