The Follower

December 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Walking along the busy street, I stopped and came face to face with the most unbelievably good looking guy. He was tall, built, and had strong cheek bones. I froze in my spot. The shine from his hair, the glow in his eyes and the brightness from his teeth made me loose my breath. I had never been in a relationship, I wasn’t ready to be in one, and it was too soon to even consider it. I couldn’t help it, it was as if he had taken complete control over me, and my actions were uncontrollable. He began to stare me down in a strange way, but I somewhat didn’t mind it. Normally, I would be freaked out, or casually walk away, but not this time; instead I awkwardly smiled back.
As I turned back around to walk the other way, he suddenly came into my view.
“Hello, I noticed that I caught your attention as we met eyes; hi I’m Bobby.” He said in a low cool voice. “I was wondering whether or not you think this t-shirt here would fit me?” He put the shirt against his strong muscular chest.
“Yeah, it looks like it would fit just fine.” I answered back.
I was infused with confusion, strangely I enjoyed his presence. I looked around myself and noticed everyone was going on with their day and enjoying the good weather.
“Hi my name is Nicole. You wouldn’t by any chance have a couple dollars on you; I really need it to buy something.”
He looked at me in a deep long stare, as if I had asked him something to really think about. He looked around a little in silence and turned back to me. His stiff figure, motionless body, and blank pale stare made me a little worried and slightly uncomfortable. His boney, white hands came near mine.
“Sure, here you go. Whatever you don’t use, just keep it.”
I took the money and slowly walked away as I heard the footsteps of someone else behind me.
“Why don’t I come along with you? It’s a dangerous world out there you know, people are always out to get you.” He said in a shaky mysterious voice.
“Well, ok.” I said as my voice cracked and I continued to walk along with him. Side by side we walked along. I felt uncomfortable like someone was breathing down my neck and I was being held hostage and suffocated. I tried to act as cool as possible and began to walk faster.
“Where are you in rush to; that you’re running?”
“I have to go to the store down the street and rush home because it is my sister’s birthday party and I have to be home. I’ll maybe see you around or something, bye.” I said and quickly began walking to the store. I was freaked out, and I couldn’t believe I was so naïve into thinking that I could just talk to a random guy on the street. I jogged to the store and quickly picked up the birthday gift and jolted back out of the store and home. I could hear my heart pacing and I could feel it dropping in the meantime. The blood in my body began to rush. All the men around me on the street, only made me run faster.
As I came home I slammed the door behind me and ran up the stairs. I could feel my hands jittering and I tired to calm myself down and relax a bit before my family came over for my sister’s birthday. As I wrapped my sister’s gift the TV had a documentary on young teenage kids. “Underage drinking, driving, and naïve children.” The TV broadcasted.
My eyes suddenly got attracted to the TV screen and I completely forgot about my sister’s gift. There were pictures and videos of young girls being attracted into situations with rapists. Suddenly I saw myself in the TV screen as I watched. I was only able to imagine myself as being one of those girls and being that naïve and stupid. Everything I saw some of the girls and boys on the screen doing I pictured myself. The actions on the screen reminded me so much of myself. I felt a little nauseous and a bit afraid. I was beginning to have enough of this documentary and I was freaked out enough so I ran down the stairs and the door bell rang. It must have been my aunt and uncle who always arrive late to any event. Surprisingly as I opened the door, it wasn’t them. Some tall guy was standing at the door in a mailman looking outfit. I was shocked and a bit confused as I thought in my head that there is no mail on Sundays.
“Hi, I think you dropped a letter outside on your lawn so I thought I should come on up and bring it to you.”
“Thank you.” I said as I began to quickly tilt the door to close it. The face seemed familiar, the voice seemed familiar and the motion and figure of this peculiar man seemed so extremely familiar. Something about this man brought back images. At once, the vision of the tall, built, and strong cheek bone man came to my mind and I quickly said thank you and slammed the door. I went straight to the kitchen and sat with the rest of my family. I could feel my blood pressure seem to calm down and I was no longer shaky and worried much anymore.

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