The Good Gang Bad Gang Plan

December 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever wondered why there are people out there that run little old ladies over with bikes and such? Have you ever thought,"Someone needs to teach those guys a lesson." But you can't do it. Why? Because there in a gang.
I grew up in America, but china is my home. People make fun of it, insult it, and tell false claims to make it sound bad. Some people do this everywhere. To everyone. I couldn't help but wonder, who would do this? Hmmmm, a few gangs come to mind. Need I say?
I though about this issue for a while now. There are the police. They can take care of a few gangs, cant they?
But the police aren't there at every step. People do things they shouldn't every day. But do people stop them?
Maybe i am raving, or maybe i am crazy, but can't we take this crime spree into our own hands?
If we go in groups, if we are careful, if we can do the right thing, at any cost, then this might work.
But I think i am just crazy, after all, who would risk there lives for they weak, the sick, the poor. Why should we do the right thing? After all, Anarchy has worked out before, right?
LAST WORDS: if we can do this, then gangs are still out there. Don't get me wrong. But if they do the right thing, if they help us all out, maybe we can change the meaning of gang.

The author's comments:
This is possible. I have tried this before, and it does work out. I just hope we can get it into motion, or one group will have to do the work of millions. So no worrys. We can totally save the world, one group.

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