December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

21 -- 12 that was the score on game dragons vs. the tigers. Shawn the Wide Receiver on the Dragons. Went out to the 40 yard line for the play 45 Sweep Pitch Pass.
When Shawn saw he had 2 cornerbacks on him, He said NO! really loud to the quarter back but he threw it anyway when the ball was in the air he saw anger in the couches eyes. He knew if he didn’t catch the touchdown pass he would be off the team. So he tried really hard he stuck his sweaty hands to the ball hoping he would catch it, the cornerback jumped knocking the other cornerback on the ground.
The cornerback and Shawn were the only ones in the ball’s path. Shawn found himself on the ground. But to find the ball in the air still. Until the sun in his eyes was gone by the shadow the cornerback, over his view the ball hitting the corner backs shoulder pads landing in his hand.
BOOOOOO!!!!!!... Said the crowd as the cornerback made a 100 yr. winning touchdown. Even know Shawn saw his couch furious he thought to him self I TRIED!!!
Completely ignoring couch I tried I tried he thought. I’ll come back next year. Later that day he told his dad, but he told him I tried and his dad said, “Ok at
Least you tried but I want you to try next year ok, Son.”

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