The bike accident

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

When I was about 9 years old I learned about Friendship. I lived in a small yellow house in a town in New York.

I lived next door to my best friend and I played with her every day.

My friends name was Ellie she had light brown hair and she was very funny. One day we were riding my pink Barbie

bike one block away from our houses. I reamember felling exited racing with her in the middle of the streets. When

suddenly I fell off my bike when I banged my head and scraped my knees and hands. As I got up my friend screamed

Nervously, "Are you O.K?"

"I feel horrible I need to get home," I responded softly. Ellie hurried to grab our bike and put it off to the

Sides the road so we can go back for it later. Then she helped me over to my house. As I was limping to my house

my knees felt like a block of wood was hitting it. Also I was thinking about what a good friend she was. I reamember

feeling this way before when I was 5. I was at a supermarket trying to climb a shopping cart, but I was too short.

when I stepped on the bottom os the shopping cart. When it fell on top of me. I had a huge head ache and I felt

just like I did when I fell off my bike.

When I finally got back to my house my legs were all red with dried blood. My friend rang the door bell and my

came to the door. when my mom came to the door her face looked like she was alittle bit mad and worried. She asked

worried "What happend?" She was worried but she saw that I was too exausted to answer her so she rushed me in. She

She sat me down and rushed to the medicine cabinet. She took out a white bottle of medicine and some bandaids. My

friend sat quietly next to me her face looked worried. My mom walked quickly towarsd me and kneeled in front of my

knees. My mom put the liquid inside the white bottle on my knees and hands then wiped it with a napkin. When my mom

put the liqud on my knees it was very chily and it stung. Quickly after that she put the band aids on my knees and hands.

My friend looked scared, I think that she thought it wa partly her fault. Ellie asked quietly "Are you feeling better?"

"I'm feeling better" I answered back to her. I was still feeling horrible but i did not want her to feel bad. I was very

grateful to have a friend like her.

The next day I was feeling better, but i was still a little bit sore. I lokked back to the day before and how lucky I was

to have a friend like Ellie. if it was somebody els she might not have done what she did for me.

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