December 1, 2008
By Anonymous


There once was a boy by the name of Alex. Alex had a problem. He couldn’t keep a girlfriend. Usually it was his fault that the relationships failed; at least he believed it was. Whether he got too attached, called too much, didn’t call enough, or didn’t really do anything but still thought he did. No matter what happened he blamed himself for the fights and the stress.
Alex dated a few girls in his high school life. He was a 16-year-old junior, 5 foot 9 inches tall, blonde hair, athletic body type, and he played soccer. He wasn’t an unattractive guy, which enabled him to date the variety of girls. He dated roughly five girls up to this point and this is the story of why those relationships failed.
On a Chorus trip to San Diego during Spring Break of his freshman year is where the first relationship started. He met her in the chorus room before the trip during a rehearsal. She said her name was Courtney. She was a sophomore about 5 feet 5 inches tall with brown hair. She could see the smile that grew on his face spreading from ear to ear. It made her blush. They hung out practically the entire trip. They sat next to each other on the bus after landing in San Diego, on the boat when they took a tour of the San Diego Bay area, and hung out with each other at the hotel when there wasn’t anything else planned for the day. Alex finally got up the nerve to ask her out. She said yes. Alex thought that this was going to be a great relationship. He was so happy about his new relationship that when she broke up with him two days after getting home, he was shocked. He showed his friends at his lunch table the text that she sent him saying, “I want to break up with you”. His friends said they wanted to go find her and beat her up because they saw his body language go from loved to crushed. He said to himself, “This has to be my fault. I should have called her more, or I should have hung out with her more.” The more he thought about it, the worse he felt.
The next relationship he had was at the end of his freshman year. Her name was Alix. She was a junior, about 4 feet 11 inches tall with brown hair. All of her friends said it was so cute that we had the same name. Hearing this only gave Alex more confidence in hoping that this was going to be the relationship he wanted. Things went great between them. They saw each other at school everyday. She would drive him home sometimes so they could spend more time together. They would hang out on weekends. It felt like the perfect relationship to him. School got out and he finally wasn’t a freshman and Alix was a senior. Being a sophomore dating a senior gave Alex a big boost of confidence and self-esteem. Because it was the summer, they got to hang out more often and for longer times. Whether they were just watching TV or watching her little brother’s baseball game, they were happy as ever. Things were going great until Alex had to leave for his summer vacation with his family. He was going to be gone for two weeks because him and his family were hiking across the Grand Canyon. Alix promised him that she would still be there for him when he got back. If only she could have kept that promise. Three days after Alex left, he was in Las Vegas, he received a call from Alix and she was crying. She was crying because she cheated on him with one of her ex boyfriends. Alex told her it was ok and that he would forget about it as long as it wouldn’t happen again. She promised him again that she wouldn’t cheat on him again. She was getting pretty good at lying to Alex. Two days later she cheated on him again. This time was with a new guy. Alex was shocked and for some reason he still wasn’t mad at her. He was so scared of losing another promising relationship that he didn’t care and wanted to stay with her. She broke up with him that night. It was the same night he finished hiking across the Grand Canyon. He didn’t think it was possible but she single-handedly ruined his two-week vacation. He felt horrible and sick the rest of the trip. And instead of just feeling bad from the break up, he now had a trust issue. He kept thinking that she broke up with him because he was only 15 and couldn’t drive yet.
Alex stayed single for a while after that. His next relationship didn’t come until the second semester of his sophomore year. Her name was Sarindee. She was a sophomore, just as short as Alix, had bright blue contacts, and black hair. I guess her height made her more attractive to him because Alix was short too. She had just moved back from California. He didn’t know her too well but he had always noticed her and she started to notice him more too. They began dating the day before Valentines Day. He tried to wait one more day to ask her out on Valentines Day to be romantic but he couldn’t wait any longer. They officially went out for about two weeks. They broke up but decided to remain “close best friends” instead. It was because she is Sri Lankan and her parents, being extremely cultural, forbid her from having boyfriends. So they figured, if they are just “best friends” then she can’t get in trouble with her parents. They continued to be best friends for a long time. They didn’t hang out as much as he and Alix did but they still got to see each other every other weekend and at school. Once Alex got his license on May 4th, he was able to go over to her house more often and hang out more. For some reason they started acting weird around each other. Sarindee began telling Alex about other guys that she was attracted to. He didn’t think that that was something couples are supposed to talk about. Because of this, he started getting stressed. So stressed that he began acting different. As if he was constantly sick. While he was in this “sick” state, he met a girl who he didn’t know at the time but would be an important part of his life later on. She began to get attracted to him. But because Alex still didn’t want to lose Sarindee and that happy feeling he once had with her, he hurt that girl emotionally. Alex and Sarindee talked about how they felt about what was going on and they decided that they should just be regular old friends and nothing more. This was right before summer break. Sarindee was going to be gone all two months of the break because she had to go to Sri Lanka and California. This was also why they became “just friends”.
That summer proved to be a much better one than last year’s. Alex met a girl named Taylor and he was automatically attracted to her. She was in town visiting her best friend Katie. She was going to be in town for 4 weeks. She lived about an hour away so he knew that he would never be able to see her again once she left. Knowing this, he wanted to try not to start a relationship with her. But his want for that happiness he had in past relationships got the best of him. He asked her out at the end of the first week. He spent every day of those 4 weeks with her. Katie and her mom both said they were perfect for each other. He even rode with her when they had to take her back home. He just didn’t want to leave her side. When they were together they would joke around with each other, tease each other, and just enjoy each other’s presence. When she had to go home, Alex cried. He never let her know it, but he balled his eyes out. He liked her that much, well he got that attached anyway. They continued to be boyfriend -- girlfriend for a while longer. Until her mom banned her from talking to Alex. Her mom didn’t want her to date someone that lived an hour away. Just as you could expect, Alex blamed himself for them having to break up. He said it was his fault that they lived an hour apart.
It was the start of his junior year. Still upset about Taylor, Alex wasn’t looking for a relationship with anyone. Until he saw a familiar face and began thinking back. It was Meghan; she was the girl that liked him while he was dating Sarindee. Meghan was a sophomore with brown hair and was about 6 inches shorter than Alex. He thought back and realized that he kind of had feelings for her back then but was just too stupid to do anything about them. Fearing that she wouldn’t like him and would still be mad about it all, Alex was much more timid about attempting to start a relationship. She actually still liked him! They began to get closer and closer over a few weeks. She was happy and so was he. They decided that they were ready for a relationship with each other, so he asked her out on August 22nd. Now that Alex could drive, he was able to hang out with her everyday. They saw each other at school and on the weekends. In fact, he spent every day with her on the September break. They were so perfectly happy with each other.
Now it is November 27 and we are finally going out. Yes I said we. I am Alex and this is the true story of my relationships. Meghan and I are incredibly happy. We have spent practically everyday together. There has only been maybe 5 days out of the 100 days we have been together.
It just goes to show you that even if things don’t work out the way that you wanted them to at first. Keep your head up, because you never know what might be around the corner.

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