when the Tough Gets going

November 24, 2008
By Anonymous

“When there’s a will, there is a way.”

I don’t know who stated that quote, but it relates to my story. In October of 2005 I think it was when it happened.
Well in October, my dad borrowed his friend’s video camera. My brother accidently crashed into a shelf that the camera was on and the camera fell and turned on the camera. He was afraid that he was going to get yelled at, so he put the camera back on the shelf and put a black cloth over it. Later on my dad finally moved the cloth and saw the red flashing light, so he took the camera and watched it and the image was terrible. There was no image; it was pitch black! He didn’t see any thing but he was listening to the sounds of the voices and heard my mother’s voice. My mom was saying,
“Oh yeah, I forgot my purse!”
But he misinterpreted the dialog.
About three maybe four weeks, my dad started yelling at my mom. She admitted that she did not cheat on my dad, but he wouldn’t listen to her and he won’t stop until he proves that he is right about her cheating on him. Well of course I was scared and so was my little sister, but we were hoping that our uncle and aunt would come over and help. Eventually, they did and stopped the argument for the night, but it actually got worse.
I was scared and had a gut feeling that something would go bad, so I took the courage to tell my 6th grade counselor about my problem.
“If I think your problem is getting worse, I’ll let you know and see if you want the police involved.” The counselor replied.
I agreed that if the problem was getting worse then we can contact the police. Later on that day I was betrayed by the counselor. She told me that she’ll ask me if I wanted to but instead she went behind my back! Once I got home the police asked my mom some questions and say that she can sue my dad, but she said no.
“Stupid women we’re trying to help you and you say no!” the Hmong police officer continued. “Pathetic!”
Somewhere near the end of 2007 we went to the last court day and put my dad on probation and in the fox valley tech to learn more English and to get a better job in the future. The judge also gave my mom a job to start off fresh. Life is good but not like before the event had happened, but it can’t get any worse so I’ll accept the way things are. Like the quote stated,
“When there is a will, then there is a way.”

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