May 19, 2009
By Kevin Grimstad SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Kevin Grimstad SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Everybody in my family has different eyes. My father and sister share brilliant blue halos around their pupils; meanwhile my mother and I sport dirt colored boring eyes. My eyes are like over farmed soil sitting motionless in the country. The same for my mother, although her eyes are less functional, she is always adjusting a paper to where her eyes will finally do their job.

But my sister, those blue bulbs of brilliance gleam in the sun with endless hope and happiness. My father decided to give her this gift, and exclude me. Now everyday those blue eyes stare at me, taunting my self-conscious browns. I can hear them calling to me, every time I look into their faces. This is just one thing I will have to deal with, I am a hopeless man dropping coins into a wishing well, knowing my wish will never come true.

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