Manchester Terriers

May 19, 2009
By Jeremy Young BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Jeremy Young BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Manchester terriers are not known by much, but this article will cover everything you need to know. They descend from the oldest known terrier breed, originating in the Manchester region of England - this is how they got the name Manchester Terrier. The majestic Manchester Terrier appeared in art dating back to the1400’s. Today, Manchester Terriers look a little from when they did in the 1400’s. They used to be called Black and Tan Terriers. They were known for their deftness in the rat pits. There used to be bets on which Manchester could kill the most rats in a certain time period. The highest score was 100 rats in 6 minutes!
Manchester Terriers really where a man’s best friend. They used to be put in saddlebags to help hunt down small game. This is where they got their nickname the Gentleman’s Terrier.
Two types of the Manchester Terrier are toy and standard. They are still the same dog, the only difference is their weight. A Toy Manchester Terrier is less than 12 pounds and has an erect ear. There is only one ear type for the Toy Manchester, but 3 for the standard. A Standard is from 12 pounds to 22, pounds. They also can have an erect or buttoned (folded over) ear.
Another distinguishing feature of the Manchester Terrier is his eyes. They have almond shaped black eyes. Their coat is black and tan. They are very lively, sporty, alert, keen, and vigilant. They are very loyal to their masters. Most of them learn very quickly. Manchester Terriers should be socialized all the
time when they are young. They should also be introduced to children when they are young, or they may not even like children when their older. They prefer to be in a warm climate area. They can also run very fast. Don’t let them off their leash unless you are in a very secure area. They like to chase almost everything. Their average life expectancy is around 15 years.

These are great dogs if you take care of them, the only problem is, no one knows what a Manchester Terrier is! But now you know what a Manchester Terrier is.

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