The Unknown

April 19, 2009

Not knowing is sometimes the best aspect of the situation in hand.
Unfamiliarity, obliviousness and abyss are usually related to fear, change, and strangeness. But in my world such words have a totally different meaning.
I am and always have been the one who tries to do the most unusual and uncertain thing. Whether it is ordering the weirdest Chinese dish available when out with friends or piercing my nose to know what the feeling is all about. But at the same time I do keep in mind the consequences of my actions. I think and rethink all the different ways my doings affect the people around me. I think about the results of such doings and whether they are favorable or not. No wonder I “let” my friends order when we eat out. Because I know that sometimes, though fun, sticking to something familiar is comforting and the right option.
But taking up new ventures has always been my thing.
My alma mater functions on the basis of ageless traditions, principles and morals. This was made crystal clear by my principal in her skin colored sari and the steel holy cross which hangs across her neck and shines in the morning sun. So basically everything is laid out to be followed by the students. There are the same set of competitions, decorations and plans followed year after year by the school leaders. No one ever thought of doing something different, or even if they did, the excitement would soon die down. But during my tenure as the House Leader, my class mates and I decided to change our usual Children’s Day celebrations. We incorporated new competitions like “ad making” and “super hero genesis” contests as opposed to the monotonous “flower arrangement” and “greeting card making” contests. The teachers were surprised but appreciated the change and the students were overjoyed. Their joy was due to the fact that that year they faced with the unexpected.
The unknown has always been attracted me. The plain and simple fact behind this concept is that I have always thought differently. For me not knowing is acceptable. This is because not knowing makes me want to discover.
As we all age there are more and more things to discover and learn about. And choosing the most apt way to do so is the most important act we do for ourselves. There is no one correct way to do so as it differs from person to person. The challenge lies in the fact of knowing what works for you alone. Hence I have come to understand that Arizona State University is the option that works perfectly for me. It all fits like a jig-saw puzzle.
I wish I could say that I am the most intelligent, most brilliant and the most incredible all rounded student. But as said all of us are different and amazing in our own ways. I am the kind whose likes of which one does not come across usually. The perfect blend of responsibility, focus, perseverance, loyalty, humility, fun, creativity and the sense of enjoyment is what keeps me together. The fact that I am using such qualities might seem like I am blowing my own trumpet. But it doesn’t feel so as all the qualities are all true.

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