Sidneath's world

May 20, 2009
By autitutu SILVER, Edwardsville, Illinois
autitutu SILVER, Edwardsville, Illinois
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Hello. My name is Sidneath. I know what kind of name is Sidneath? At the time of my birth, my so called “loving mother” happened to be hyped up on too many meds. When the nurse announced proudly to the world that I was a girl, she asked my mother what my name was to be. Muttering out the word Sidneath the nurse asked no questions, and decided that that was the name I was to keep. Truly, my mother meant to name her one and only daughter Sidney, but it seems that people do what you say and not what you mean.

Any who, wouldn’t we all love a place where we can escape reality for even the slightest bit of time? A place where our imagination is let loose and our dreams come true? That’s where my world, well Sidneath’s World, comes in. Here in my world troubles all escape me and my mind runs wild. The only place where I have long golden locks of hair, instead of my mousy bark colored hair, the only place where your evil math teacher doesn’t call on you to answer her rather confusing questions. The only place where the sight of your knocked-out-cold- mother isn’t haunting your thoughts every minute.

Whenever the real world becomes too much, I let the blackness cloud my vision until I drift into my own personal haven. There my friends are awaiting for my arrival, complimenting my clothing that no one else ever seems to. My blue eyes shimmer in the sunlight, unlike my true brown and beady ones. We walk off to our magical castle, my magical home.

Once we have reached our special home we step delicately inside, only to find that our regular ol’ school clothes have been transformed into dazzling ball gowns. And in the main hall, lounging casually, are just enough princes for all of us. A live orchestra begins playing a complicated composition that filled the room with lively music. The gorgeous strangers stumble over each other, trying to be the first to ask me to dance. I look over each of them and chose that had the most breath-taking smile on his face. The un-suitables stalk over to my now green eyed friends and they unenthusiastically ask them to dance. My choice holds his right hand out, palm out, gesturing for me to take it. I lift my own hand, and place it gently on top of his. He kisses it lightly, pulls me closer to him, putting his free hand on my waist. Smiling my beautiful smile, I set my other hand on his shoulder. The music morphs into a lovely, slow-tempoed waltz. We step gracefully in time, my skirt twirling around my legs. My happy moment continues without a flaw, until some wretched being calls me back to earth.

Shouting in a low crackly voice, my mother demands my attention. The scenery in front of my eyes fades, along with my castle, my friends, and my prince. As it goes, I see the happiness among my friends, the happiness I had just experienced, that has vanished ever so recently. The depression sinks in at the same time reality does. My un-clouded head takes in the sight of my everything but extraordinary room. Impatient now, my mother calls my name in a clearer, stronger voice. Full of tears and sorrow I run down the stairs to find my mother sprawled out on the floor requiring my assistance to help her up. Later again my world, I will come back to you soon.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for a small competition at my scchool and my teacher loved it so I thought that it would be a good piece to enter.

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