He Loves Me?

May 20, 2009
By lindsey hanaway SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
lindsey hanaway SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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He tells her he loves her. That there is no one else. When he kisses her lips she feels burning passion while he just sees another notch in his bed post. They have been together for a while now, and she thinks he is the one. She tells him she can’t see herself with anyone else and he speaks the same lie. He has changed her for what she sees as the best, but others see her as just another doormat for him to wipe his dirty feet on. She wants nothing more than him, but he doesn’t know what he wants.

She asks him to change and just put in some effort while she pours out all she has to give. She would do anything to make this work while he just sits back and watches. He watches her struggle to keep him around while he doesn’t know what he wants.

He breaks her heart. Over and over again. She slowly recovers each time, but every one is just as hard as the last. She always promises to herself, this is this last time. I’m not crawling back. Yet, every time she finds herself on her hands and knees at his command.
He doesn’t know what he wants, but this time she doesn’t either. Never has she questioned her feelings while he ponders all the time. Sometimes because he is unsure and sometimes out of anger. Either way, it’s her turn. Her feet are tired from chasing him around. She walks away because she knows if she’s worth half as much to him as he is to her, he’ll come back. It’s his turn to chase her.

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