May 20, 2009
By Emily Makowski GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Emily Makowski GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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My throat hurts. I can feel the burning start behind my eyes. I turn the key, back out of my parking spot, and leave the park, leave him behind. The engine hums and the blinker ticks, no radio. As I pull onto the street I can see him in the rearview mirror, eyes wide, shocked. I blinked and I was home. Her car was already in the driveway waiting for me. I turn off my car and sit in silence for thirty seconds, numb. I hear her car door slam, see her outside my window, and get out. We make eye contact, and in less than a second, I know I don’t have to say anything. Then I’m in her arms, my face buried in her shoulder, drenching it. My lungs felt as though they were filled with water, but I am finally able to take a single shaky breath, thanks to her.

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