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May 20, 2009
By Sandra Wild GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Sandra Wild GOLD, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Everybody had that moment. Everybody felt alone or unaccepted o even not loved and everybody hates that feeling when you think the rest of the world is staring at you. You think something is wrong with your cloths or you have anything written on your back.
I had this experience in 7th grade. It started all out to be a normal day. I woke up knowing I had to hurry up to get the school bus. After my mum made me break fast and my lunch for school she helped me out and drove me to my school. I was in time but somehow most of my friends were already sitting in the classroom. The teacher was standing on the board calculating some math problems. I looked at my watch to make sure that I am not late and I wasn’t I had five more minutes left till the bell usually would ring. Everybody was looking at me as I walked into the classroom. My friends had an evil look at me and the teacher just pointed at the clock. I didn’t know what to say. The school clock said that I was late more than one hour. After explaining to her my mistake I just sat down. This moment I wished I could have been invisible. After 45 minutes of an awkward feeling I was excited to talk to my friends about that in our 20 minute beak. As I went outside to our spot were we always met I had to notice that they weren’t waiting for me. They pointed at me and stated to laugh. I didn’t know what was going on. I an away into the bathroom locked myself in one of the toilettes and started to cry. I looked up couple minutes after to check my make up then I saw a message at the door and it said something about me but I couldn’t read it. My mum came into my room at this point and woke me up because I had to get ready for school.

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