May 19, 2009
By Sara Muro BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Sara Muro BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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You wake up to the usual routine; go to the bathroom, brush your hair, brush your teeth. This changed when my parents decided to buy me a dog. My dog’s name is Pelusa, I met her when she was 4 months old. Pelusa is a white dog with a pink nose. I remember the day we got her as if it were yesterday. I was at my grandma’s house when I saw that she had a visitor. Everything was so boring, so I went outside and saw two white dogs. I was kind of scared of all types of dogs at the time because when they are outside alone you never know if they have ticks, fleas, or rabies. So just to be safe I went inside. I felt like I had nothing to do. My aunt arrived and started to greet everybody. Since my 7 year old cousin wasn’t afraid of dogs he brought one of them in and I exclaimed,

“That is such a cute dog!! Dad those are the type of dogs that I want!”
The lady who was talking to my grandma turned around and said,
“I have a puppy on sale!!!”

“Daddy please? I’ve always wanted a dog. Besides I’ve never had a dog and this’ll be my first dog,” I begged I almost wanted to cry I felt a bump inside my throat but I knew if I cried my dad would say “No thanks.” He thought about it almost a thousand times and it felt like he kept on thinking about it forever. Everybody was quiet, but my mind was shaking violently. I almost got a headache. Pelusa was sitting on my lap quietly. I let her go and I went to my grandma’s room to go lay down. When I went back outside the lady let the dogs back in and I heard my dad say in a thoughtful voice,

“Sure why not buy the dog?!?” After my grandmas visitor left, I wanted to go to my house, but my grandma felt lonely so I had to stay with her until we came back to Chicago. A couple of weeks later my parents decided to take us to the beach. We left Pelusa at my aunts house. When we were close to the beach I could feel the sticky hot air. It was drizzling though it looked like it was going to rain real hard. The car in front of us braked, the tires even squealed. So my mom braked too. I was really scared. When we got out of the car we were all ok. It seemed like nothing had happened. Two days later I asked my mom,
“Yes” she answered politely.
“What if Pelusa came to the beach with us?”
“She might have gotten seriously hurt but doesn’t matter she wasn’t here so at least nothing happened to her.”
When we were coming back from Chicago, we came on a bus since we crashed the truck . There were lots of people we didn’t know there and some times it was cold and there weren’t any TVs, but Pelusa and I survived.
We finally arrived here at Chicago, my aunts, cousins, and uncle picked us up. When my aunt met Pelusa for the first time it was another hot humid and sticky day like the day of the crash. We went to eat at my aunts house and Pelusa left us a little present in my aunts kitchen.
For almost a month Pelusa had to stay over my other aunt’s house because she knew this dog that she wanted Pelusa to hook up with. Two weeks later we found out that she was having puppies. Till this day she has taught me to be more responsible. For not being responsible I lost her she is now living with my aunt the one with the Dalmatian I still visit her almost every week.
I miss her so much the day that I found out that she was moving with my aunt I was hysterical. I started crying it was October 30 2007. I didn’t want to talk to anybody. I just wanted to keep Pelusa and her daughter April with me. Before I fell asleep, I said goodbye to them. In the morning I was going to do the usual or actually tell my sister to do it like I use to and take Pelusa and April out to the bathroom and feed them. When I woke up I didn’t see their bed or their leashes and trays that made it clear that she wasn’t coming back and that my responsibility and my sister’s responsibility cost us our dog. It wasn’t only my fault or only my sister’s fault. It was both of our fault because none of us wanted to pick up after her or wake up extra early just to feed her or to take out. That’s why I learned that I have to be responsible to have a pet. This is a life long lesson. Pets can teach lessons too… like mine did!

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