The Memories of My Grandpa

May 19, 2009
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Once in a life time I had a grandpa. I remember how wise he was, how kind he was , and how strong he was. These memories remind me of when he was still here and who he was.

I remember that my grandpa was always wise. He use to tell me right from wrong when I got in trouble. I remember the time I got in trouble in school because I was playing cops and robbers. I got in trouble for pulling someone by the shirt to get them in “jail”. When I got home my grandpa was already waiting for me so he can read the right act. Now that he’s gone I don’t know what to do when I do something wrong.

I recognize that when my grandpa was kind to me it wasn’t for anything it was for it was either because I was sad or I was hurt. I remember when it was my birthday, I thought everyone forgot my birthday. My grandpa consulated me by telling they didn’t forget , but I didn’t listen. When I went to the kitchen, I saw that he had bought me a birthday cake. From there on I saw that he was always kind when I was down.

I remember when he was fighting to be alive. I remember his last words were, ”When ever you need me just look deeply into your heart you’ll find me.” After that he just lay still and waited for death.

What I learned was that someone important to you is not forever because they’ll have to go at some point. That’s all for my Grand. May he rest in

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