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May 19, 2009
By Nina Buckelew GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Nina Buckelew GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Nina is a senior student in High School, works three different jobs (cashier, lane operator at Bowling, and babysitter of two families), and manages to find time to spend with her family and friends. She is going to attend the University of South Carolina following this current year. She hopes to graduate and pursue a career in international business and Spanish.

Upon entering an advance composition class her junior year, her writing styles took a turn for the best. She had believed that she was an exceeding expectations writer, but after the first couple of days in the course her mind changed. She wasn’t. Her writing needed help. Six papers, impromptu writing, and enhanced vocabulary enlightened her once false minded sense of writing.

Nina pulls out her HP laptop and opens word to start any work of writing these days. The writings come best to the page when she sits down late at night. The hours blow by as she engulfs herself in writing and releasing emotion. The next morning is the punishment for her late night creativity. She enjoys writing short pieces that have connections to her day to day life. The writings can be simple like opening a mysterious letter or complex such as the inner feelings of something that cannot be put into words. Depending on the day, the writings can be glum, comical, or smile prevailing.

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