illegal immigration

May 19, 2009
By omar saenz BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
omar saenz BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Some of the things that I am worried about is immigration problems that are going on right now. This is a very big problem that affects us all and is one of the most popular problems here in the United States. I have been investigating about some of the reasons that a person have to move out of his country and left their families and friends. The reason they have to left those things is that the economy in their countries was to low and don’t have enough money to have a good life.

Most of the immigrants here in the u.s are Mexicans and people from South America like el Salvador, Honduras. Now people is getting scared because they are deporting a lot of people and they are separating families and I don’t think that’s good because they are living their kids here because the parents are getting deported and the kids are u.s citizens and that’s not good because kids need their parents to have a normal life.

Immigrants really struggle when they get here because they got to start a whole new life the first thing they got to learn a new language and get use to work every day so you can pay the rent and your bills you also get to be far from your family. Now things are getting harder for immigrants because now they cannot even get a driver license and that just make things harder. I think the government should be thinking of a solution that is good for everybody for example do an amnesty or give papers to students I now that they cannot give papers to everybody but to the persons that have shown that are good citizens and those are the ones that have lived here for more than 5 years and don’t have problems with the police and they can speak read and write at least a 50% of English.
I think with this solution everybody will be happy and legal in this county also this will be good because the immigration problems will stop and thinks will change in a good way. Also if someone get his papers and start getting in trouble they can get them away so that’s a good chance for the police and the government to see who is a good candidates to be part of this county.

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mohamed66 said...
on Oct. 12 2012 at 1:17 pm
kids shouldnt get seprated from there parents becuase the parents are iilegeal


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