Break Up

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

“Oh my gosh, no don’t tell her,” Thierry said. “What Thierry? Tell me!” I said. It was my twelfth birthday. Thierry, my best friend, said he had the best birthday in the world for me. So all day at school I was wondering what it was, while Thierry was telling all of my friends what that secret gift was all about. Then I heard somebody say CJ.

CJ was a guy in my Spanish class that I really liked. Whenever I saw him, talked to him, or even thought about him I acted retarded. I would loose track of thought too. If I saw him I would blush a very hot pink. There was something special about him that I loved.

CJ was blushing every time I looked at him. I knew something was going on but I didn’t know what. I thought CJ didn’t like me because he said that earlier in the year. CJ and my friend Osahon kept whispering, passing notes, notes and laughing. Then, they looked back at me every five minutes.

We went to lunch after the first part of Spanish class. As usual I sat next to CJ and Lizzy. Of course Thierry told Lizzy the best present ever. So, besides both of my really close friends (CJ and Lizzy) acting weird I was confused, excited, and somehow enjoying it all.

After we ate lunch, CJ and Thierry started arguing. CJ said he will do it later, or next week, or whenever. Thierry said CJ had until the end of third period. I just stood back listening to the best friends. My class and I walked back to Spanish class, and CJ was twitching and kind of tripping in the hallway somehow. When we were finally in class CJ passed me a note. The note said, “Will you go out with me?” I asked CJ if he was serious, and he said yes. I wrote yes on the note, smiled, and passed the note back to him. After the note my face turned a blood red shade. I felt a vibration. I looked at my phone, and it was my dad.

The bell rang and everybody said “You two need to hug at least.” We hugged, blushed again, and we went to our next period. I told Kennedy, Anna, and Thierry what happened in Spanish class, and they were happy.

A week later, I broke up with CJ. I told Thierry I thought CJ wasn’t a good boyfriend. Then, Thierry started saying I was his first girlfriend. Thierry said I should have heard the things CJ and his friend Chris were saying about me. I didn’t know what they said about me, but I didn’t think it was good. Thierry was my best friend and he persuaded me to break up with CJ because of what CJ said before. Lizzy and Thierry were both mad because they didn’t have anyone to talk to because of CJ and me. Basically, CJ and Lizzy were lonely, and that made me feel bad. That ended up being my second reason why I broke up with CJ. The third reason was that I never told my parents about CJ. I couldn’t keep a boyfriend behind my parents’ back.

The next week my mom and I were talking. I told her how furious I was at Peter. Out of the blue she asked if Peter was my boyfriend! I said, “Heck no!” Then, I told her about CJ and how hooked up and broke up. So for about three days, my mom and my step dad were deciding if I could go out with CJ. A few days later, my parents finally said I could go out with CJ. The next day I told CJ, and he was very excited.

The rest of the year ended fine. We were happy, but we were nervous at the same time.

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