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   Horse Showing

by D. S., Princeton,IL

One of my favorite things to do is to show horses.We have four horses; two are pregnant. We show all over, evenin Minnesota and Wisconsin. My dad and I are the only ones inour family who show. This is my second year and I am doingvery well. I show mainly in two classes: youth mares and youthgeldings. The Appaloosa Journal lists the rankings of the topten people in each class. As of now, I am ranked first in thenation under youth mares and second in youth geldings, which Ithink is very good.

We go to shows just about everyweekend, leaving very early Saturday morning. The drives arepretty long but I have grown used to them. I usually sleep ordo homework to keep occupied. Some of the most common placeswe go are Elgin, Elkhorn and Peoria. We have been trying to goto every show we can to earn points.

This weekend wedrove up to Min-nesota for a two-day show. My dad showed thefirst day and I showed the next. It took over six hours todrive there. My dad didn't do well in the mare classes but hedid better with the gelding. After my dad was done showing, wehad the rest of the day free and we found a small beach. Myfriend and I went swimming while my parents, exhausted fromdriving, slept under a shade tree.

The next day, I wasto show the horses in my youth classes. In the morning, Ihelped get the horses ready. Half an hour before my classes, Ijumped into the trailer to change into my show clothes. Thenit was time. I walked into the arena, lined up with the judgesand walked toward them. Then I showed them the horse's teeth.Next, I trotted to the other two judges. The judges look athow well the horse is fit (size, shape, health), how well theyare groomed and at their conformation. After I set up thehorse for inspection, we lined up along the fence and waiteduntil they announced the placings: I received a second, third,fourth and fifth. Next, I showed the gelding; I earned threefirsts and a second.

I am trying hard to win myclasses. The showing is fun and I plan on doing this forseveral more years. As I get more experienced, I will trydifferent classes. So far I have had a great time showing.

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i love this so much!

on Sep. 7 2011 at 7:22 pm
Rocinante SILVER, Wexford, Pennsylvania
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Nice article. Try to work on your spacing; it makes it that much easier to read your article, plus it looks more professional that way.


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