Friendships for eternity

May 4, 2009
By Lauren Tomlinson BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Lauren Tomlinson BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Some of the infamous words in a teenagers life are, I hate you, Oh my gosh you will never believe what just happened, or Gosh I am so bored. The sayings get redundant after awhile, but this is just the way an average day in a teenager life goes. Each person will have a different amount of stories that start out like this; however, one thing is common they tell these stories to their friends. These stories are what starts the high school gossip and drama, the inside jokes and the feuds, the stories that eventually be passed on to the next generation so they could a) learn something and don’t make the same mistake b) get an important lesson across or c) laugh at their parents about some of the things they thought were cool. Those stories are what kept the two people friends then and is what helps the friendship survive through age, jobs, location, etc. A friendship lasts when two people can continue to laugh at the past and still share stories in the present, when they are not afraid to call even though they haven’t talked to you in umpteen years. A friendship lasts there is a connection between the two people whether it is because you are alike or completely opposite.

To make a friendship that lasts, you need to have a somewhat strong start. Of course, you could be like the acquaintance for a while. Only talking when needed and never being on the inside of the personal stories and what not. Although, it is necessary to move up from that phase if you want the friendship to last. People don’t stay in touch because they talk to each other once or twice a day, people stay in touch because they can spend the whole day together come home and still have more to talk about. For example, let’s look back at the phrases we use as teenagers; the first one is I hate you well depending on the amount of hatred you are not going to tell this to a stranger. You would tell it to someone you can trust, or more like rant to the person you trust. In that situation the friend could sympathize, or my favorite, crack a stupid joke about something involving the story that is utterly hilarious; those stupid jokes that only you and them understand are the inside jokes that random strangers look at you weirdly when they hear them.

Continuing on to the Oh my gosh you will never believe what just happened phrases. That phrase is when obviously something big happens and you randomly want to tell everyone in the world. It could be about something at work or school but mainly it happens on one occasion. When you do something embarrassing in front of a crush. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be embarrassing but getting up the courage to talk to them would start out with this phrase. You tell these stories only to the people that know about the person. Take for instance a school situation, if you were in class and your teacher does something ridiculous mainly because it is in their nature you don’t want to tell a person that never had that teacher. You could tell them; however, it wouldn’t be funny because well they have never had that teacher! Finally there is the Gosh I am so bored phrase, kids use this when well they are bored! Duh! But seriously this is the easiest way that a person can move up from the acquaintance phase to higher up the chain eventually in the inner circle. How? Because sympathizing will gain bonus points since you two are talking. It doesn’t have to be a lot it could be what’s up, a smile face, lol no way, the responses are immeasurable but they all send across the same message which is Wow you actually care.

So how do those phrases create and everlasting friendship? Well those people that you told will have blackmail over you. It may have been the littlest thing a long time ago; however you can bet on it that that friend or friends that were with you still remember it. In the intro it said in the next generation you could learn, laugh, or ignore your parents past and that is completely true. I learn from experience on that! On the rare occasion you see some of your parents long lost friends it is apparent that back in the old day stories are going to be told to you. The stories will be about past fights with parents, embarrassing things that happen in public, or stupid stunts you pulled and got caught in the middle of. These stories may not have been the funniest at the time but the laughing responses will increase every time you put off telling the story. So what is my point in this? It’s is to live life as it is, create those jokes with your friends, take risks, trust them with everything you have. Because you could live a cautious life but then who will tell the stories that your kids will laugh, learn, or ignore. Who would put a smile on your face anytime they called, emailed, or wrote? Friends are what keep us sane in the head. Without them to much pressure would be put on us, we are not invincible like superman alone but with a close safety net of friends then we could be unstoppable like him since we can rely others to help you no matter what.

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