High school drama

April 29, 2009
By michael kuhl BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
michael kuhl BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Most people tell you stories of how they have been excluded or how they have been left out in. People look at the negatives; they tell you stories to make you feel remorse for them. They tell you the bad things and don’t tell you about the times they actually feel accepted or wanted.
The stereo typical high school groups are chosen by students. There isn’t a wall dividing the “jocks” from the “freaks” unless you look for one. Most students belong to more then one group. Yeah, some people don’t get along people, and spread rumors about each other, but that’s normal.
Try walking into a high school gym class. You will see the “jock” with the “goth” on the same team for basketball. You will notice the guy passing the ball to the girl. You will notice communication and people actually getting along having a good time.
I’m not a “jock” nor an “outcast.” I’m not popular, but I know every one in my school. I can talk to everyone no matter what stereo typical group they’re in. Most people at school fall right in the middle of these groups. My English class is the perfect example. We have every type of kid. When a topic comes up to talk about, everyone discusses it and adds there own opinion. Most people in my school find that learning about other people’s lives and getting to know them is actually interesting.

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