March 19, 2009
By Anonymous

Many men and women died during WWII

More than 100 million men and women fought in WWII. Sadly 70 million were killed, most of them were civilians.

As the war raged in Africa many planes had to fly over the pyramids

WWII was fought between the Axis and the Allies. The Axis were Japan, Germany, Italy and many others.

Snipers like this one were very lethal.

The swastika was the Nazi symbol

Hitler was probably the biggest reason the war started. He turned the peace making swastika into a universal symbol of hate.
Hitler making one of his many speeches.

Hitler was a mastermind, controlling people through fear. Hitler wasn’t the only one to help start the war. But he was the one to start massacring his own country men in order to make a perfect race later known as the holocaust.

The Mp40 was the best bet for a Nazi.

As the war raged on there was very little resistance. The attack on Pearl Harbor had destroyed a big chunk of the Pacific Fleet.

Pearl Harbor had been destroyed by the Japanese.

The attack on Pearl Harbor killed 2402 people and injured 1282 people. By far the biggest carrier sunk was the USS Arizona.

Graveyards that hold just some men and woman of WWII
Planes dominated the Pacific air.

A great need for planes broke out to outsmart the enemy,
also a need for carriers.

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