My guinea pig, Fudge

May 16, 2009
By Anonymous

when we returned from Christmas, we found Fudge to be very sick. He had lost some hair, had a skin rash, was very dehydrated, and thin. Today we went to the vet to see what was wrong with him. The vet said he had undergone some type of stress and that he had “mange”……. a skin rash in some animals. She gave him two injections to help his dehydration and cure his rash. She gave us a shampoo to wash him his skin. We went home and washed him with the shampoo. He didn’t really like that….. anyway we dried him off and put him in his cage.
We ate a sandwich before going to do some errands. While we were out, Mom got a call about her new job, and we dropped her off so she could go to the school to look at her new room.
Dad and I went to finish the rest of the errands. When we got home, I went to go check on Fudge. Fudge did not move, so I went screaming to tell Dad. He called the vet and she told him to come see her, so she could check for a heart beat, but none was found. Fudge had passed on. Dad dug a hole for him and we put him in a box with one of his toys. I got to put the box in the hole and cover it up with dirt. It was so hard for me to do. I cried a lot the whole day and kept thinking about him. Now I know that he is in a place (heaven)where he no longer hurts. I know that God will take good care of him for me until I get up there. Now for a few words in memory of Fudge.

Fudge was a great guinea pig, he was sweet and would never bite,
He squeaked at you when he was hungry or needed a friend,
He was only a baby, not even a year old,
And in memory of this furry guy,
I bid him good bye!
R.I.P little Fudge!

The author's comments:
Fudge was my first guinea pig. He meant a whole lot to me. At school, I wasn't exactly everybody's favorite person. I was picked on for my skin color and I didn't have many friends. It was hard for me. But Fudge was always there. Always cheerful and HUNGRY! I would wake up and just start balling, knowing that Fudge wouldn't be in his cage. I held him in a towel for a few hours before we buried him. I finally had the courage to let him go.

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