May 5, 2009
By luvinfrogs GOLD, Thousand Oaks, California
luvinfrogs GOLD, Thousand Oaks, California
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My family and I always loved to play with dogs, but especially Peaches, (our dog). My mom found her as a stray and now she has a wonderful home. She is spoiled and has been happily living here in our care as an awesome, loving, and playful dog. She has been in the family for so long that when she got older she was too old to play with us so we wanted to get another dog. About a week later we went to the S.P.C.A. to look for another dog, in which my mom said it had to be a puppy, to play with. She also told us that it had to be a puppy so that it could grow with peaches and peaches could get used to her size as the puppy grows. As we looked they had none that were not adopted, but they did have a wiener dog with dark brown eyes but its fur was a light brown and it was cute. They had many others that were already adopted but I didn’t want to tease myself by looking at puppies that we can’t get. I decided to go and look at kittens and one looked like a cat I used to have. Her name was Mi-Mi and she was a tabby with tortieshell colored fur. They were cute but then my mom told us we had to go; oh the tabby was also cross eyed but still cute! We went a second time and it was on Friday! We saw a really cute litter of labs and saw one named Sadie! Sadie was cute mellow and didn’t bark like the rest of her litter. We wanted to get her and my mom said maybe. She was cuter than ever with her dark brown eyes and dark, dark fur that was so pitch black, but she had one white splotch on her chest. As we were leaving we talked about if my dad would like her or not. On the way home my mom, sister, and I all thought of names to call her if we got her. My mom told my sister and me that since we picked a puppy then my brother and dad get to choose the name. My sister and I were so excited but saw that we hadn’t gone to the S.P.C.A. in a while and had thought that she had already been adopted and were both sad. A week later Peaches had to go get some shots and my brother had almost been late to work so he had been rushing out the door with my mom and Peaches in the crate. My mom told us that we had to stay here and do our home work. As we did our home work my sister and I could think about nothing, but Sadie. When my mom got home she brought Peaches in but another dog was in the crate. My mom said, “Her name was shadow and that her S.P.C.A. name was Sadie!” My sister and I were surprised, but happy that shadow was adopted by us and was in our house as our new pup! Though we were all happy that “Shadow” was our new pup the only one unhappy was of course Peaches. She hated her but now that she is used to her she plays with her. Also as Shadow teaches peaches how to chew on raw hides and how to tear up paper and in return Peaches has potty trained Shadow. Also she has taught Shadow how to use the doggy door.

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