May 5, 2009
By luvinfrogs GOLD, Thousand Oaks, California
luvinfrogs GOLD, Thousand Oaks, California
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My first cat that I ever got was named Mi-Mi. She was the best cat and I can’t have another one because the only two cat lovers in my family are me and my mom. We love, love, love cats but, my dad doesn’t want them so we can’t have any cats in the house! The reason why we don’t have Mi-Mi anymore is because when me my brother and my sister were in Texas for the summer staying with our grandparents, my parents gave her up for adoption without us all knowing. A day before we went home our parents called us and told us they had a surprise but also bad news. They didn’t tell us the surprise or the bad news so when we got off the plane in California they had smiles on their faces. When we got home it wasn’t the home that we though we were going to go to because the surprise was that we had moved from apartments to a house. We were all excited but then I figured out the bad news the hard way. The hard way made me cry. The hard way was when I asked where the cats were all my parents did was give me a sad look. I knew that they were gone and then I didn’t see any of my cousin’s cats either, also I didn’t see any cat toys, scratching posts, or any other cat toys. That’s when I knew that they had given them away or put them up for adoption. I cried for about six to ten hours because I loved my cat so much and she was the best cat ever. I sometimes thought that she was too lazy but I knew also all the time that if I loose her then I’ll be really lonely. I know that it was my parents but I didn’t care and I still don’t it’s their fault and now I am lonely. I still some times cry at night because I miss her and I still have a pillow that she used to suck on as if it were her mother and she would wake me every morning with her purring and slurping and sucking noises. I miss her, love her and I’ll do anything just to see her again. My parents still tell me stories about her and how she has her own room, play area, and even her own bed! Of course she has all this stuff because she always was a very, very spoiled cute, but a little lazy, cat.

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