April 24, 2007

April 22, 2009
By Anonymous

One Sunday I woke up to the noise of cars driving by, and I remembered what today was. My parents told me that it was finally time to go and pick out a dog for our new home. My parents, two brothers, and I got in the car and journeyed to the humane society to pick out a dog that would blend well with our family. We had been researching about an ample number of different kinds of dogs that mixed well with families and we had unanimously chosen to get a flat coated retriever.

We pulled up to the humane society and went inside to look at the dogs. When we got inside, there was the aroma of wet dog and urine. We held our hands over our noses for about 10 minutes until we got acquainted with the smell. We walked by each kennel and peered inside each one looking at the huge variety of dogs. We walked past one kennel and there was a small black puppy curled up in a little ball in the corner. She looked very scared.

We went to ask someone that worked at the humane society about the dog, and they said that the dog was fine, she had just arrived there today and was terrified. We asked the manager if we could take the puppy out into the fenced yard area in the back of the facility. He agreed and we took the puppy out into the yard. When we got to the yard, we noticed that the grass was freshly cut and the flowers had bloomed, which caused the yard to appear in an array of colors. The little dog was clueless as to any idea of what was going on, she was so shaken from fear that he just stood there motionless. After about 30 minutes, she opened up to us and would start playing. She played with us very pleasantly for about an hour. My dad said that we would ponder about getting the small, black, and furry pup and come back tomorrow with an answer. I was ecstatic.

When I woke up the next morning, I went to wake my parents up so that we could go to the humane society. We all got awoke from our beds and drove there. We went to the kennel where the puppy had been and we took her out and walked up to the front. We asked the manager if we could take the puppy home and he agreed. We took the puppy to our house and we let her become acquainted to our home for the first couple of days. She seemed to enjoy being in our house and respect our family very much. We needed to give her a name. We brainstormed a lot of names, and then we came up with the name Kasey.

Even to this day, I have tons of fun everyday playing with my dog and taking her to the park. She is extremely playful and always keeps me in a great mood. My family and I love Kasey so much and we wouldn’t be as strong of a family without her. We all are so thankful that we got her when we did, and also how good of a dog she is. We were all shocked to think that someone could have given away this excellent dog to the pound. Kasey is safer and lives a better life in our hands, than whoever abused her and then gave her away and not losing a minute of sleep over it.

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