Princess, My Inspiration.

April 15, 2009
By jsanmiguel BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
jsanmiguel BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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“No!”, my sister, Jessica, has never been the type to scream or yell, but when I heard her earth-shattering cry, I immediately knew that something awful was looming near. Though I slept so soundly, I was awoken by her helpless plea. The next sixty seconds were a blur, I was over here, I was over there. Reality hit me in the most unpleasant way possible; my sister told me that the love of my life was dying. My love, the one that gave me a first look at life itself, the one that I had an incomprehensible love for. The next thing I knew, her limp fragile body was resting on my lap. I could not help but cry. My sister and I threw ourselves in the car and rushed to a hospital, where we were praying but not hoping for the best. Though she was in a fragile state, I kept pounding the concept of “not giving up” in to her. Her emotionless eyes screamed of nothing but pain and agony but she could not vocalize her feelings. They took her to a room trying to calm her down and save her life…

It was a beautiful sunny morning when I first met her. My sister had woken me up to tell me that a new member of the family was born. I remember the first look she gave me with her beautiful blue eyes glistening in the sun. We quickly gave her something to drink thinking, “it’s way too hot for her out here.” She refused, but just wanted to sit in my lap. She fit so perfectly in it. What a beautiful creature God had created for me! The continuing hours of the day were the most happiest of my life, we played for hours until darkness consumed the sky.

…but reality took its toll. Bodies were not made to withstand moving metal. The unknown man in white came out and told us that we are one less in the family. I hated him. How could he so easily tell us that she had died? Had he not lost someone before? His lack of sincerity angered me, but it was nothing compared to seeing my dog, my Princess, dead.
Months have passed but the thought of Princess still lingers in my mind. She’s still with me, I know it. She lives on in each of my seven doggies at home. If it was not for her, they would never be here. I still see her, whenever I look up at the sky. I see her smiling face and her eyes still glistening blue staring back at me. She paints the sky for me every morning. I picture her running through the heavens, painting each color of the sky for me. I see her beautiful face between each color.

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