May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

They are the only ones who set me free. I am the only one who goes to them for freedom. Two giant waves with white capping swells and smooth outside touch like me. Two who are lost in an ocean but found by me. Two dangerous escapes given by Mother Nature. From the beach we can see them, but tourists just walk by and look down upon them.

Their power is unknown. They send fierce messages down to the bottom of the coral. They rise up and crash down and take any unthankful soul that is caught between its arms, while blinding the views of the innocent with the reflection of the sun to keep their power unknown. This is how they release.

Let one forget his reason of purpose, they’d hunt like an eagle looking down for its prey, never taking their eyes off the unprepared. Stay, stay, stay, waves say when I forget. They remind.

When I am too small and too weak to stay staying, when I am tiny David against big Goliath, then it is when I stay with the waves. When there is no hope left in a man. Two who swell despite reason. Two who study and don’t mind being studied. Two whose only reason is to remind me.

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