May 19, 2009
By Lisa Eskau BRONZE, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Lisa Eskau BRONZE, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
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Everyone in our family has different feet. My father’s feet are like a broom, also behind his children. My feet are clumsy. They always trip over themselves or run into curbs. My brother’s feet are loud and heavy. He always wakes me when he comes home late. And my mother’s feet are like the energizer bunny – always moving around.

But Leah’s feet, Leah’s feet, like Olympic runners feet because she is always running back in forth in different sports. They are fun to watch, no matter what sport she is playing. Her feet carry her swiftly and calmly, while mine would go crazy. Her feet never get tired or sore, it’s like they run on batteries. Her feet are all-stars compared to my clumsy feet, my brother’s loud feet, and my mother’s busy feet.

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