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May 19, 2009
By Abby Durner BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Abby Durner BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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When you think of ice cream, what brand name comes to your mind? For a while I just thought of Eddy’s and Kroger brand, but after I give you these facts, all you’ll think about will be Ben and Jerry’s.

Founded in 1978 by ex-hippies Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Ben and Jerry’s was an instant hit. CEO Walt Freese started putting more stores in more locations until everyone had heard of the famous ice cream. However nobody forgot about the small little store in South Burlington, Vermont, known as the headquarters of Ben and Jerry’s. This excellent ice cream was used in 1983 to make the world’s largest sundae. A sundae weighing over 27,000 pounds! But through this excitement Ben and Jerry’s still won the prestigious "U.S Small Business Persons of The Year," award in 1988. This award was given by President Ronald Reagan.

Now even with an interesting back ground, Ben and Jerry’s have something else that keeps them unique, their ice cream. Their flavors are incredible; every single one has a history! The favored flavor, Cherry Garcia, is named after the guitar player from the very accomplished band, Grateful Dead. Not only do they have popular interesting flavors, but the have health conscious flavors and flavors for people with allergies. This way everyone can enjoy the delicious ice cream. Some of their “more unique” flavors like Cantaloupe and Cherry Garcia Milkshake were retired, some soon after being created and some not until their time came. But no matter when or why, the flavors that were once listed proudly on a Ben and Jerry’s menu are still in the hearts of some “Cantaloupe flavor lovers.”

Both Ben and Jerry went to Pennsylvania State University and learned how to make ice cream there. It doesn’t sound like that would lead them to a promising career, but making ice cream doesn’t require much knowledge it mainly requires imagination, I think that for Ben and Jerry’s to be where they are today, their education was just fine. In fact, Ben and Jerry may have opened a whole new door to possibilities for some people. And during this terrible economic period, we need more places to work and have some more possible jobs.

Like I said before, Ben and Jerry’s carries flavors for those who are concerned about their weight. It keeps flavors of yogurt and flavors of sorbet. Most of their yogurt flavors are ice cream flavors just reduced in fat and sugar. They have one specific flavor that has absolutely no sugar. Even their sorbet has a full list of flavors like “Berried Treasure” and “Jamaican Me Crazy!” These flavors, like the ice cream, have different and unique titles, but in my opinion as an ice cream fanatic, it draws me in and makes me want to try it.

And calling to all of you parents! You want the best for your kids’ right? Ben and Jerry’s offer many organic flavors such as “Chocolate Fudge Brownie” and plain Vanilla. For parents who want their kids to eat right, ice cream will no longer be on the “no” list.

Ben and Jerry became friends during gym class in their Middle School years. Their coach told them they were running the mile too slow and a comment Ben made back gave Jerry the idea that they would be good friends. Coincidentally, the boys who didn’t meet until twelve or thirteen years were born only four days apart! Jerry was four days older, born on March 14, 1951. Ben was the younger child born on March 18, 1951. They both grew up in Brooklyn, New York, but never knew each other until middle school. From then on they were inseparable friends.

Ben and Jerry’s is a legend and proud at that. They put ice cream in a category that everyone wants to be a part of. Honestly it’s my favorite category!

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