What not to wear

May 18, 2009
By Anonymous

What not to wear

Bing, bing, bing. What’s that? Oh ,duh, my computer. Yes, finally the email saying, where, when, and what to wear. Wonder who sent? Not Addy. Hum… oh well. Let’s see.
“Here’s the scoop for the fling thing. It’s going to be a dance at the high school. Time 7:30 pm today. You want to be fashionable then you should dress in baggy clothing like you’re in the hood. Or like a Hobo. Have fun! See you there!”
Wow, that’s different than I thought. Well, if it says so. “Today!” I could hear myself shriek. I’m not going to have enough time.
Okay, these baggy dark green pants go great with this very dark red hoody. Some Converses. There. In the mirror I could see myself in this deep, dark, red hoody. There was a huge rip going down the back of it, it basically just hung their, and no support whatsoever. The pants are an old moldy green, which were sagging so much that it was showing my whole butt; there are holes in them, like everywhere. The shoes are very old, they used to be a dark blue, but not a navy blue, and they’re now so faded they don’t look they could be dark blue ever again. There’s also a hole on the sole of the shoe, I can still feel the breeze through that special hole of mine. My hair is into a very loose looking ponytail with some hair sticking to my face and all around my head.
“Well, that’s it. Now I’m off to the high school!” I said.
I walked up to the steps of the high school and to see Addy. What is she wearing! She has on the total opposite of me. She’s wearing a baby blue dress. The top of the dress has rhinestones on it that match the color of the dress. Bottom of it is all sparkly and has the tut tut thing going on. I love that dress. Her hair is all curly; it’s not up either, it’s down. Her hair goes down to the middle of her back, and there’s also some sparkle in that too. She has glitter on her face with some purple eye shadow, mascara only on the top lashes though, and light pink lip-gloss on. She has a small handbag that is just a little lighter than the dress. Wow, she look is amazing. I’ve only seen her dress like that to attend her aunt’s wedding, and she hated that.
“Hey, Jenny. Wow! What are you wearing?” said Addy. “ There’s dirt on your face, too. You went all out. You look um… how do I put this? You look like you’re in the hood. You know the bling, bling kind of thing.”
“I know,” I simply said. “ Why are you wearing that? Aren’t you suppose to look more like me?”
“ NO! You are going to change, right? You look nothing like the email said to dress like!”
“ Do you have the email with?” I said.
“ Yes, here take a look,” said Addy.
“Here’s the scoop for the fling thing. It’s going to be at the high school. Time 7:30 pm today. You want to be fashionable; it’s a white tie event. Have fun! See you there!”
“ What is this?” I whispered.
“ Well it’s the email. I sent it to you like thirty minutes ago.”
“ But I got another one an hour ago.”
“ Who sent it to you?”
“I don’t know; I thought you did.”
“ Not the one you got.”
“ Well, who sent it to me?”
“ Nice outfit for you, Jenny. It really fits your personality. I love it!” said Megan. “ Did you get my email I sent to you? That said to dress like that for the dance?” As she waved a perfect manicured hand in my face. I could tell my face was bright red now; I could feel them burning up.
“ She’s just a big jerk,” sneered Addy. “ Let’s go in.”
“ I think I’m just going to go home,” I stammere, my cheeks going back to their normal color again.
“ No, you should go in the dance, and show Miss-Know-It-All who’s boss. Show her who’s braver than she thinks she is,” said Addy more proudly then ever.
“ I am not going in there to make a fool out of myself. I’ll just go home. Maybe I’ll change into something else.”
“ You know that they only leave these doors open for ten minutes just to let people in, then lock them.”
“ I know that. I was hoping to get lucky.”
“ Yeah, right! Now let’s go in, maybe I can do something with this outfit of yours.”
“ Okay,” I agreed.

As we walk in, it’s like we step into a ghost town. The emptiness, coldness, and darkness is suffocating us. I hate it. I never really like walking through the high school at night. It gives me the creeps. When I let a my breath out it is visible. It’s just my imagination running wild.
“ Jenny I’m right here,” comes a voice.
“ Who… who is it?” I said.
“ Duh, silly, it’s me, Addy! I’ve been walking here the whole time.”
“ Er… right. Okay, are we almost there?”
“ Yes, just a little more.” I could see the tiny light at the end of the hall. It’s growing bigger and brighter. I could feel my hands and feet again. My breath is now invisible. I could feel the light making contact with my skin. It feels so good. I sprint to the end of the hallway, forgetting what I’m wearing and burst through the doors. The lights are spinning around going crazy. Wow, it looks just amazing in here. There are balloons everywhere. The long white table is scattered with all different kinds of food. The DJ on a little platform is grooving out to the music with some very big head phones on. The music is so loud, but not that it hurts my ears loud. Good loud! The kind that you could feel the rhythm inside of you. Everyone’s in beautiful gowns and tuxedoes, people dancing around, spinning up and down the room. Some girls are in blue, pink, red, black, and white dresses, all whirling around with boys in black tuxedoes.
“ Hey, Jenny, anyone home in there?” said Addy. She’s right by my side, like she’s been glued there.
“ Yeah someone’s home,” I reply back.
“ Well, I think I need to use the bathroom, wink, wink,” Addy said grinning.
“ What? I don’t have to go.”
“ Now you do! Let’s go!”
When we got into the bathroom it was completely empty.
“ Take off what you’re wearing,” said Addy.
“ What? Are you crazy?”
“ Nope, I’m going to fix what you’re wearing! Now, come off with it.” As I take off my clothes I see Addy taking out a sewing kit and some scissors. How is she going to fix my hoody and my pants? And, where did she get the sewing kit and scissors? She started to cut my pants into shreds then sewed them back together to make a skirt. Then she took my hoody and made a bigger rip, that goes all the way down the back until there’s only a little piece of cloth there. She cuts off the hood and sews string around the rib cage. She attaches this to the skirt she made for me.
“ Um… Where did you get the kit and scissors?” I question.
“ Now my mom’s teaching me how to sew. I bring these with me all the time just in case I rip my pants, or something like that,” she said
“ Oh right, I get it,” I reply.
“There you go, your own new dress. Sorry it’s not the best one, but that’s all I could do.”
“ No, no it’s fine.”
“ Your shoes should be all right. You won’t look like everybody else though. It should do though, so you don’t stick out, and now you should be good, too.”
“ Thanks.”
“ Yep.”
“Thanks again.”
“ No problem. Now let’s go. I don’t want to miss much more of the dance.”
“ Okay, then. Let’s go then.” Before I walk out, I look at myself in the mirror. This is a really cool dress. It goes very nicely with my skin tone, and the skirt is something you’ve never seen before. The hoody isn’t as bad anymore, either. It fits me so well, too. As I walk on to the dance floor, I can tell Megan has been spreading the word that I looked like a hobo.
When people saw me I could tell this is not what they were expecting. Some boys did the wolf whistle. Somehow though, I could hear some person grinding her teeth together. I smiled so big my face was screaming at me to stop, but I keep smiling. I feel so great inside, it is like my insides were tingling with joy, I glowed happiness, and the angriness and sadness just melt away. I want to dance with my friend, Addy, and have the greatest night of my life. I never want to forget this night, ever.

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