r e j e c t i o n ,

May 16, 2009

for some reason GOD put us all through this.
maybe it was because He wanted to see how we'd react and for most we cry. for some we fall & get back up. for VERY few it doesnt fade us at all!
for ME, when you rejected me all i did was cry - all im DOING is crying - it sucks that i still need to see you in school laughing with your friends like you didnt hurt anybody. acting like you're in the good life -- and you probably ARE because your probably one of the FEW that rejection doesnt effect at all. sometimes i think that one day you'll come to your senses and take back those 5 stupid words that keep replaying in my head over and over. and you'll walk on over and tell me some romantic sh*t and eeverything would go back to normal. even though that probably WONT happen i keep wishing it will. there were days that i wanted to jsut tell you how much i liked you and let it all out. and it REALLY sucks how you had to find out by me writting all this sh*t and crying in school. it sucks that i need to see you pretty EVERY day and knw that im NEVER going to have a chance with you. maybe this was all for the best. maybe the things in life we need to let go and move on to BIGGER better things. maybe GOD just put this obsticale in my life to see if i was going to be strong and let it all go. or maybe God wanted to teach me a lesson about how i should not think that every guy is my princecharming and how i should be cautious about who i should and should fall for. sometimes theres days i want to cry let everything out, let everybody know what happend ; why im crying ; and why instead of looking for you im avoiding you. maybe that day will come when ive moved on and someone asks about it.
but what ive learned in this sad experience is that you need to move on because some things just dont work so that you can learn that theres someone who would you treat you better.

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