Stay by my side

May 15, 2009
By Pantherstabi BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Pantherstabi BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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We mostly want to stand out in a crowd. But have you ever thought tht being nothing would be a good thing? Many of us do things tht were not proud of, many of us feel ashamed when we do something tht breaks someone else. But all we can do is hold tht person in our arms and tell them every things going to be ok. even if it's not going to be ok. We have to tell tht person tht so you won't loose them. You love them to much to let them out of your arms, all the pain tht they have gotten is now on your shoulders, but someway, somehow you find a way to fix all tht pain they have. They thank you over and over again, but they say it's not enough they need to give you something else. But you tell them no, you don't need anything. You tell them as long as you stay here in my arms thts all i'll ever need. Then they sigh and lay they head on your shoulder and wish tht it could be like tht forever.

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