Voodoo Music Experience

May 14, 2009
By Rachel Christoph BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
Rachel Christoph BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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On this chilly Saturday evening, I stand condensed in the middle of the crowd. The powerful aromas of second-hand smoke, alcoholic beverages, and other unidentifiable substances fill the air. The light breeze in the cold night makes me shiver, despite the body heat from the pressing crowd. I pull my warm fleece closer to my body. The bright lights from the stage sharply contrast with the dark night sky like the bold, shining sun against a black background. It begins. First, I hear the humming of the keyboard. Then, the drummer pounds his snare. Next, the bass and the guitar join in the music. Finally, the singer steps up to the microphone and begins belting out his lyrics. The band’s passion for its music makes me tap my heel to the ground in rhythm with the beat. Several bobbing heads in the crowd show me that I am not the only one enjoying the show. I feel the vibrations from the speakers through the ground as the music becomes more intense. I collide violently with the people surrounding me due to the newly formed mosh pit several feet away. I attempt to regain composure, but my effort fails thanks to the crowd surfer crashing into my head. At last, I regain my poise and continue to tap my foot with the beat. Smoke rises from the fog machine backstage and from many people in the audience so that a thin smog settles over the crowd. Several minutes later, the song ends with one final guitar solo. The band members say their good-byes, and the bright lights dim to a dark black as quickly as if someone had flipped off a light switch. I look up to see three stars vainly trying to shine as bright as the searchlights that indicate the locations of the different stages. I hear hurried footsteps scattering in different directions. Some head toward their cars in futile attempts to beat the traffic and others toward the beverage stands for one last drink. I still stare at the dark night sky dimly lit by the searchlights, and I reflect on my current situation. The night is dark, I am freezing, and, for some odd reason, I could not possibly be happier. I can hardly wait until Voodoo Fest 2009.

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