The Mud Pit

May 14, 2009
By Megan Dennehy BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
Megan Dennehy BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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In life there are many "Ahh!" moments. You may find yourself screaming "Ahh! This is great!" when you ace a test, open a present, or win a race. On the other hand, you may find yourself yelling, "Ahh! NO!" when you spot blue lights in your rear view mirror, forget your homework, and especially when something unexpected turns your day upside down. On those days, the slightest moment may alter all of your plans for the day.

A personal example of this kind of day came on April 28, 2006. I woke up after spending the night at a friend's house. A beautiful spring day greeted us outside as we went outside to walk. As we walked further and further from the house, in the unfamiliar neighbored, I grew reluctant to keep going. We strayed off the paved roads and in grass up to our knees. My primary fear, of snakes in the grass, soon vanished, for I didn’t know what was coming next. We crossed a creek, which lead to a steep hill. After climbing the hill, my fears lessened as I the steep terrain transformed to meadow of green grass. Suddenly, while walking through the grass, my foot sunk into mud. Rushing to remove my foot from the goo, I followed my instinct and leaped out. My feet hit the ground and the earth broke out from under me. I sunk like quicksand into the soupy mud. Initially, the thought of drowning in this pit crossed my mind. Instead of letting my thoughts hold me back, I tread through the mud yelling, “Ahh! Get me out! NO!” I swam, oblivious of my surroundings, in this pit of watery mud. My friend stretched a hand out to help. I eagerly grabbed it and slowly climbed out of the muddy abyss. Even standing on firm ground, I still uttered, “Get me out, get me out.” As we journeyed back to the house neighbors stared, pointed, laughed, and questioned me as to why I was covered in mud, but I walked silently and shaken. Dazed as to why this happened to me I contemplated how one leap, changed the whole course of my day.

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