May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

I looked across the room. A sudden feeling of jealousy danced around my head trying to make me mad. It worked. "Look at her slim figure, expensive clothes, and amazing personality," It said to me. "You can be just like that, but why not with as much attention?" It asked me, "And why can't you be friends with the guys like her, too?" I was thinking it was right. But somewhere, very deep inside me, I had a different point of view, and it was there, but to far away for my eyes to meet. "I AM that good," I thought to myself over and over again, "but why can't anyone see it?"
The confidence was coming closer. Almost close enough for me to read the words written all over it. It reminded me of a dictionary. But for some reaason, I could relate more to this one more than any other one I've ever read.
"Perfection," it stated, "is many things. Instead of being upset that nobody's seeing you, it's SHOWING yourself to everybody and making sure they see you. Instead of spending precious time looking at the parts of you that need improvement, it's looking at the parts that are finished and fine. Instead of trying to change you, it's being yourself, because masks of someone you're not are not near as beautiful as the person under that mask. Instead of worrying about your future, it's playing it by year. Instead of being picky, it's being thankful that at least you're getting SOMETHING. And most importantly, instead of having no self-esteem, it's remembering yourself is the only you. It's remebering you ARE perfect in your own way. It's remembering the person you wish you were also has someone else they would rather be. It's remembering people like you for being you, and that trying to be different isn't cool or whatever they want to call it. And it's remembering life's too short to be someone else. God and your own conscience are the best counselors and have the best advice. Go to them in times of need. You won't regret it, you'll thank yourself for it."
I looked across the room. This time, the jealousy left, and I had a different feeling. I was proud of myself. This time, I saw a whole new Anna...

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