My heart's broken truth

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

What have you done with my heart? Do you love me or do you not? Why must you run from me and leave me a victim on the cold, wet ground. You've stabbed me a million times before coming back to ask me if i was ok. You left me behind and finally decided to feed and water my broken hurt soul. You've picked me up and dusted me off but just threw me back down on the ground. You say you love me and wont leave me here alone but do you mean that? I'm hoping this isn't all a lie. I'm praying that you will be the one for me. Please don't abondon me in my time of need. I love you soo much. i really can't live without you. i will die without you by myside. you've kept me safe and warm but now i'm alone and cold. will you let me die or will you're cold, stone heart break and find compassion for me again and save me? will you pick me up and dust me off again like you did when we first met? You're plan of action may be failing. I'm falling away and you're letting it happen. I' love you and i dont want to loose you for good. the love i'm experiencing now was something i've never felt before. I feel love and compassion. But I am right now not understanding that i'm in need of your love. He wont see that acting sane and posturous isn't good around me... I miss your wonderfull and carefree side. how you'd allways joke about the littlist things. we'd laugh, party and have a great time. but hes too silent and downhearted. please, you got to understand why i'm about to ask you this question. It's not cause i love him or anything but, can you try to show him how i love to be treated? tell him the type of kiss i like. i'm not going to fall in love with him i'm just wanting to feel the soul back in my body. i know you never truely left me but i still can help but to miss you. i know you dont want me to be alone anymore but if i had to die for you so you wouldn't worry about me falling in love with someone else then i would. you are the one i love and allways will. nothing will ever change that.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I lost someone very dear to me and all I wanted was a happy life with him and I lost it... But now I may still be heart broken I fell in love with someone new.

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