Kill me

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Kill me. I hate this life I live with so much pain, and I need to leave so someone can drain the blood from my vein's. I hate myself and I can't stand people. I think I'm a little weird and so wickedly evil. Exspected to live by society's condition's, but being rejected and hated because society just never listens. I have to die so I can fly away to heaven. I was told I'm goin to hell when I spoke to the reverend. So I walk around forever trying to find the reaper, dissed by many so I don't bother with the rest neither. It's very hard for me to breath, in this dark room filled with so much grief, as I sit here in all black and cry, trying so hard to keep my head held high, with all these emotions and emptyness, can't seem to figure out what I missed. I'm trying to find the right way. I get neglected, confused so I pray to live another day!

The author's comments:
This is basically how I feel day to day! Don't call me insane or psycho. That's just me so enjoy reading if you want to.

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